Women's 50 Series Breeches: White


Our most popular style, the 50 Series is made for sport. We have incorporated the best design and technology so that you can have ultimate freedom of movement, comfort, and durability to perform your best.

White 2.0. Welcome to the REVOLUTION in white show breeches: White 2.0!

Our unique bi-layer fabric, white on the outside and beige on the inside, assures the rider that nothing will peek through. Designed and produced in partnership with our long-time fabric gurus at Schoeller, these breeches are discrete while still offering the same lightweight, durable, and comfy fit as our regular 50 Series breech.  

Wearing your lucky polka-dot underwear on Sunday? With White 2.0, only you will know.


Minimalist Silhouette
Made for those who like a more traditional look, but still want everything that makes our technical breeches so great!

Schoeller Prestige™ fabric
The most breathable, durable textile made specifically for riding

Unique Size Increments
In-between sizes allow you to find your perfect fit.

Ergonomic Design
Made to enhance your comfort in the saddle.

-YKK™ locking zipper
Keeps your zipper closed at all times

Knee Grip System
For those moments you need a bit of extra stick. Silicone-free.


100% man-made fiber.

Each pair of STRUCK breeches is made of the highest quality synthetic fiber, for a lightweight, breathable breech. Our fabric has serious 4-way stretch, but won't lose its shape over time. It's quick-drying, durable, and is made to resist fading even in the harshest outdoor situations, leaving you looking and feeling great ride after ride.

Size and Fit

Most women find they can go down one size. If you are traditionally a 28", consider trying the Struck in 27".

Have a more athletic or curvier build? The Struck Women's 60 breech may be a better choice for you.

• Tight fit

• Hugs the body

• Mid-Low rise

• Fits a bit on the generous side (consider sizing down one size to find your perfect fit!)

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