Dreamers & Schemers

Simple Solids Pair & a Spare - Black Socks

Our new Solid Color Knit Socks are thinner than our regular knit socks are are ready to rock your summer #rootd  Stretchy and fit most leg widths. Smooth and thin for the perfect fit on a hot day.  Dreamers & Schemers Knit Boot Socks Be fearless! Own your look & express your unique self with confidence 🤟 At Dreamers & Schemers, we’re passionately dedicated to bending the rules by creating designs and products that celebrate individuality! Own your FUN Own your FEARLESSNESS Own your STYLE We’re globally recognized as the #1 remarkably fun accessory company for awesome equestrians. Be Comfortable & Express Yourself We are in the business of delivering FUN and to us, that means TONS OF NEW PATTERNS ALL THE TIME!

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