Charles Owen

My Halo CX, with MIPS, Maroon/Navy Gloss/Platinum Halo - Size 60 or 7 3/8


Enjoy the next-generation technology and style that put the halo into a class of its own, including the unique 360° ventilation system discreetly hidden under the halo ring.

Choose from seven hand-picked shell colors, available in both a smooth matt and a high gloss finish, or a unique combination of both.

Our My Halo Exotique collections features a curated selection of nine cruelty free vegan leather look shell coverings.

Further options include two crystal fabric top shell coverings and 13 unique ring colors, which include two exclusive brushed metallic colorways available with two radiant crystal settings and five crystal colors.

Comfort is prioritized with the Halo’s unique 360° ventilation system, plus additional ventilation on the top shell and a luxury padded removable and washable headband.

The unique Halo lattice harness has been designed to grip the occipital bone at the base of the skull, and self-adjusts to give a snug and secure fit for every ride.

A wide peak (My halo Luxe) is available to improve vision in all-weathers.

Three international safety standards (including PAS 015) combined with MIPS technology only add to the confidence you will feel when riding in your Halo.

Customizations include

  • 7 different shell colors in a matt, high gloss or unique contrast finish
  • 5 different cruelty free exotic animal skins in vegan faux leather
  • 4 differently vegan leather look shell coverings
  • 13 ring colors
  • 2 harness colors
  • Personalized engraving
  • Crystal logo
  • Crystal fabric top shell
  • Crystal harness studs

Helmet features

  • Slim and low-profile styling
  • 360° ventilation system
  • Additional ventilation on the crown
  • Flexzone peak with luxury underside padding
  • Luxury washable padded headband with padded neck support
  • Anti-microbial lining infused with silver ions
  • Sustainably sourced leather harness
  • Unique lattice self-adjusting harness grips the base of the head
  • Premium metallic buckle
  • MIPS technology (optional upgrade)
  • Wide peak halo Luxe available (sizes 55-59cm)
  • Multiple safety standards including PAS015:2011
  • FSC sustainably sourced and recycled packaging
  • Made in the UK


The My halo comes with a luxury removable headband sized in individual sizes (cm). The headband fits within the main shell of the riding helmet, which comes in small, medium and large.

The medium shell is available in wide peak (Medium Luxe).

Round fit sizing is now available in 55cm to 59cm.

The headband can be used to change the size of the helmet or to refresh the fit back to a snug ‘out of the box’ feeling.

For example, a 56cm headband can be removed from a medium shell and replaced with a new 56cm liner, or replaced with a 57cm or 58cm to ‘resize’ the helmet.

This also allows you to choose whether to wear your hair inside or outside the helmet, as you have the flexibility to switch headbands of different sizes using the same helmet.

As worn by Charles Owen team rider Gemma Owen.


Black, Bottle Green, Brown, Grey, Maroon, Navy


No, Yes (halo Luxe)


52 (standard peak), 53 (standard peak), 54 (standard peak), 55M, 55 round fit, 56, 56 round fit, 57, 57 round fit, 58, 58 round fit, 59 round fit, 59 (standard peak), 60 (standard peak), 61 (standard peak)


ASTM F1163-15, PAS015:2011, VG1 01-040 2014-12

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