Charles Owen

Charles Owen HALO - Standard Peak, with MIPS

Color:Matte Black/Matte Black Halo

Next-generation performance riding helmet. Exquisite design. 360° ventilation. Unrivaled safety.

  • A stunning addition to the Charles Owen performance range, in celebration of our 110th anniversary.
  • A true innovation in style and technology makes Halo a real statement in the show ring.
  • Comfort is prioritized with the unique 360° ventilation system under the halo ring and luxury padding.
  • The unique Halo lattice harness has been designed to grip the occipital bone at the base of the skull, and self-adjusts to give a snug and secure fit for your ride.
  • A wide peak (halo Luxe) is available to improve vision in all weather.
  • Three international safety standards (including PAS015) combined with MIPS technology only add to the confidence you will feel when riding in your Halo.


  • 360° ventilation system
  • Additional ventilation on the crown
  • Exclusive brushed metallic ring
  • Shell and halo ring color combinations
  • Slim and low-profile styling
  • Flexzone peak with luxury underside padding
  • Luxury washable padded headband with padded neck support
  • Anti-microbial lining infused with silver ions
  • Sustainably sourced leather harness
  • Unique lattice self-adjusting harness grips the base of the head
  • Premium metallic buckle
  • MIPS technology (optional upgrade)
  • Wide peak halo Luxe available (sizes 55-58cm)
  • Fully customisable as the My halo CX
  • Multiple safety standards
  • FSC sustainably sourced and recycled packaging
  • Made in the UK

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