Dreamers & Schemers

F-Bomb Single Pair of Socks


Dreamers & Schemers Original Riding Socks

We started dreaming and then we went about scheming to bring you the best riding socks in the industry!

Our comfortable, long-lasting, riding socks stand up to a lot of heels down and two-points.

With a flat seam toe and a terry foot bottom, this sock fits so smoothly into your boots with no rubs! Even when your boots wear in and the creases start forming around your ankles, our terry foot bottom continues up the back of the heel to give you a layer of protection from the crease monster.

Our socks stay up with a stretchy black top which acts as a stunt double for your boot tops when you need it.

Material & Sizing


One size fits most, wash on cool and hang to dry. This is a single pair of socks.

50% Cotton, 42% Poly, 8% Elastane

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