Dreamers & Schemers

Evergreen Pair & a Spare Socks


Dreamers & Schemers Original Boot Socks. A Pair & A Spare!

Every pair of our seasonal sublimated ‘Pair & a Spare’ boot socks comes packaged with one single silly SPARE sock. Just in case the dryer troll gets hungry. But that also means that every time you purchase TWO pairs of our original boot socks, you actually get a third pair FREE. Permanent BUY 2 & GET 1 FREE!!! #DSBOGO

Be Comfortable & Express Yourself! We are in the business of delivering FUN and to us, that means TONS OF NEW PATTERNS ALL THE TIME! We have 4 seasonal deliveries with finite amounts of each pattern. So when they sell out, THEY SELL OUT! Collect your favorites and know that you have a limited edition pair of D&S Socks!

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