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Horses for Courses: The Definitive Guidebook for the Prospective College Equestrian (Second Edition) (paperback)


Are you a middle or high school equestrian who dreams of riding at the college level one day?

No matter your discipline, your academic interest, or your intended career path, this book will help you understand:

  • what types of colleges, universities, and educational programs are available to help you reach your goals.
  • the competition formats and different types of intercollegiate equestrian teams.
  • how to create a list of potential schools and what to look for during your visits to campus.
  • how to navigate the NCAA/NCEA eligibility process if you hope to become a varsity athlete.
  • how to apply to college and how scholarships and financial aid come into play.
  • how to make the transition from high school equestrian to inntercollegiate team member... and much more!

Written with insider knowledge of both the college admission process and the strategies employed by top coaches when assembling their teams each season, the goal of this book is to help you understand not only how many options riders have after high school and how to choose the opportunities that are the best fit.

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