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New additions for your equestrian-inspired home

At The In Gate, our goal is to curate a collection of the finest, highest quality items for the rider, their horse, their barn, and their home. We've found an amazing collection of luxury home decor and gift items for the equestrian enthusiast from designer Beatriz Ball. We absolutely love every piece, and we think you will, too.

"Beatriz Ball’s roots in design go back over 30 years, when the Cuban-born designer began working hand-in-hand with skilled metalware artisans on the outskirts of Mexico City, creating updated, innovative designs in a special lustrous alloy of many metals.

She now operates a foundry dedicated solely to the manufacture of her own designs where she employs nearly 100 of the best and most gifted artisans in Mexico.

In an intensely handmade process, skilled craftsmen create each one of the pieces, one at a time, utilizing the same molding and casting methods the Greeks and Romans did thousands of years ago.

Ball has developed her own metal alloy of that resembles silver in color and luster but requires no polishing, and is perfectly suited for today’s casual lifestyles. Respectful of the environment, all signature metalware products are made of sustainable, eco-friendly, and recycled materials."