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Charles Owen Helmets now available at The In Gate!

We all love the classic look of a low-profile helmet, elegantly atop the head of a well-turned-out rider. There is nothing that completes the look better than the Charles Owen Ayr8 Plus.

The redesign of the Ayr8 Plus still boasts 12 holes for venting which help circulate air around the rider's head and reduces heat build-up. It now offers a removable headband (liner), enabling riders the luxury of being able to wash the headband periodically. 

Charles Owen has been producing safe, reliable helmets for more than 110 years. The Ayr8 Plus helmet features the patented GRpx technology harness ensuring a stable fit and keeping the helmet in place in case of an accident.

We currently stock the black Microsuede and Leather Look helmets as well as a fun assortment of customized helmets. Click here to see our Charles Owen collection, and please contact us to order your customized Ayr8 Plus. Halo and Kylo helmets are also available by special order.